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Animation Scenery
Blog for beautiful (and often under appreciated!) animation scenery, background and layout art! :)

I'm an animation student focusing on layout - thought this blog would be a good source of inspiration and influcence!

...hope you enjoy the scenery! <3

Color Keys from Toy Story 3 by Dice Tsutsumi

Color Keys from Up by Lou Romano

Color Keys from The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Another. Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. Created by P.A. Works.

Another: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]


Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance. Directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki and Masayuki, and written by Hideaki Anno. Created by Studio Khara.

Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance [Blu-ray]


Finally got round to putting them together. Anna/Elsa Royal portraits! :)


Visual development for The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Visual Development from Maleficent by Dylan Cole

Visual Development from Tangled by Victoria Ying


Visual development by Hans Bacher for Mulan (1998)


So Proud of “How to train your dragon 2” and everyone who has contributed to this amazing movie! I’m still so grateful for being brought on to the art team (T▽T). Here are some designs for a movie sequence that didn’t make it into the final film. The movie opens today so GO WATCH IT!


Lord of the Rings concept art by Paul Lasaine