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Animation Scenery
Blog for beautiful (and often under appreciated!) animation scenery, background and layout art! :)

I'm an animation student focusing on layout - thought this blog would be a good source of inspiration and influcence!

...hope you enjoy the scenery! <3

Ernest et Célestine (2012) [x]


Tekkon Kinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート) Background Art by Shinji Kimura

Art Director : Blue Exorcist (movie), Tekkonkinkreet, Steamboy
Background Art : My Neighbor Totoro, AKIRA, Urusei Yatsura

Classics Countdown 46/53 The Jungle Book

"What’d you want to do today?"


Here are a few color concepts I did on Epic from a few years ago. One of my jobs on the film was to create a style guide and color concept for these different locations. It was a real challenge because the colors needed to feel harmonious but chaotic at the same time. Bomba’s workstations were complete disaster areas! In a painting like the library or the surveillance room, I had to really choose what information was important for the viewer to notice and what could sit back in space. I think most of design is making this decision! 

I worked closely with the insanely talented Sandeep Menon, who came up with the original concept designs for these locations. Jason Sadler was also involved in the design of the many surveillance gadgets/electronics. There are a ton!

Once again thanks for all your great feedback! I really appreciate the responses. Hope you enjoy!

Studio Ghibli + Skies

(Source: studiioghibli)

Ernest et Celestine (2012)


More story work from the first Rio movie (2011)

Blu and Jewel(chained to each other) are pursued by 2 poachers and Nigel the Cockatoo through the dense alleys of Rio’s favelas.


Visual Stunning Film: Angel’s Egg (1985)

rise of the guardians [scenery and colours]

Classics Countdown 35/53 Home on the Range

"Don’t they have sarcasm where you come from?"